Tuesday, July 5, 2011

being sick sucks!!

AHHH!!!! I was 4.5 miles short of my goal last month. So effing bummed. I got sick. Not pukey sick, but no energy sick. All I wanted to do was sleep. sleep. and more sleep. It was like this for a good 10 days. Thank goodness that's over. Now I can get back at it!

I ran four miles yesterday, it felt good. After my run my legs felt like jello. Today the quads are sore. A good sore! Gotta get some runs in this week so I'm ready for my lakefront runs with my friends from out of town. GIRLS WEEKEND!!! woo hoo! no kids, no hubby, no house. Just girls and drinks and runs and FUN! It's a well needed break and I am looking forward to it! So glad I was sick the end of June and NOT girls weekend-yay!!!