Sunday, November 6, 2011

35:35 :)

yippeeeeeeee!!! RAM racing just posted the updated times for the 5k race this past weekend. A semi got stuck so the course needed to be re-routed, the length of the race was longer than a 5k. As it stands, I ran the 5k in 35:35!!! YAY!! I'm super happy with this time. super de duper happy :) my time improved from last week. YAY!
can you tell I'm excited?

I hope the link stays active for awhile- Hot Chocolate 5k result

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Will run for chocolate!!

Another day, another race under my belt. Abbi and I got up at the ass crack of dawn dark and early this morning (5 am!) and headed to Chicago for the the Hot Chocolate 5k race. We were meeting my friend Jill and her daughters Aleigha and Chloe and also Jill's mom-aka Nana. It was cold, and dark, and way too early!!!

Aleigha and I ran the 5k and Jill ran the 15k. The race was HUGE! 40,000 runners were there this morning. Insane! I have never been a part of such a large running crowd before. It was crazy. It was unreal. It was so cool.
a gazillion runners headed to the start line
The race was set to go off at 7:40. 7:40 came and went before we even budged in our "O" corral. It was 8:25 before we were even herded down the street to the start line. Apparently, a semi got stuck under a viaduct on one of the streets on the course (why am I not surprised? when will these truck drivers learn their rig is just too big?) Once the race did go off, it was great-aside from all the walkers walking in the way already!!! I actually got choked up a little bit (dorkus) running past the Chicago Theater. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because I was running. Maybe because it was on an open Chicago street. Maybe I'm just really a dork.
Since the semi got stuck, the race route had to be re-routed. It's been said (on FB) that the route was 3.32 miles instead of 3.1 so my finish time (while still disappointing to me) is off a bit. I'm awaiting official confirmation for my "official" time. As it stands, I've been put in the record book with a time of 37:19. ugh. that's 9 seconds slower than last weeks race. ugh I only walked at the end when the course was going uphill. ugh ugh ugh.
On a positive note, I ran 3.32 miles in 37:19 minutes.
 I need to work on my speed and my uphill running too :)

At the end of the race, Ghiradelli supplied hot chocolate and fondue. It was soooooooo yummy. The hot cocoa was perfect. So rich, so creamy so whip creamy. The fondue was fabulous. They served chocolate with a pretzel, marshmallow, half a banana, apple pieces and a rice crispie treat.
Chloe and Abbi enjoying their fondue.
A super sweet woman gave us her
tickets for fondue.YAY!
I didn't have to share

All in all, I finished. I started and finished another run. That's all that should matter. I should not be beating myself up for my time. I finished and my oldest daughter was there to see me finish.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fell off the wagon- but climbing back on

It's been a while since I posted. It's been a while since I cared enough to run. I get in these funks. I get in these crazy moods. I get crazy! Life gets in the way and I get even crazier!! Well, I'm back on the wagon and back to running and hopefully back to blogging. Just for me. And for whoever else may stumble upon my boring ass, no giveaway blog.

I've decided to run at least one 5k race a month for a year and hopefully finish big with a 1/2 marathon in December 2012. In Vegas. For the Rock 'n' Roll series*. I love Vegas. Running the 1/2 is my excuse to go back. I need to start saving now, but I think I should be able to save enough to get me there and have some play money too.
I started my journey of one 5k a month with the Monster Dash 5k on October 29th. I ran it with Ken. It was his first race ever. He loved it. He wants to run one again. He's  bummed that he passed up the Hot Chocolate 5k  that I'm running tomorrow, November 5th. I'm meeting my friend Jill and her daughter Aleigha in Chicago. Bright and early at the ass crack of dawn. I'm dragging Abbi with me. I plan to get up by 5 and be out the door by 6 to reach our destination by 7. The race starts at 7:40am. There's 40,000 runners running this thing tomorrow. Forty effing thousand. That's a ton of people. It's going to be a madhouse. It's going to be amazing. It's going to be awesome. I can not wait!! I haven't run since Monday. I hope I don't suck.
I lost all motivation this week. Why do I get like that??? How am I ever going to get to that 1/2 marathon if I never train. If I never run more than 3 miles. Why can't I stick to a plan? grrrrr.

*Rock 'N' Roll series may not make a stop in Vegas next year. If that's the case, I'll have to find a different race to run...maybe in Key West???? I love Key West just as much, if not more, as Vegas.