Saturday, January 7, 2012

anatomy 101

When I go back to school this coming August, I am for sure including an Anatomy class. I wish I knew what all the muscles and bones were called in my body. I ran today, while being sick. Was only able to muster 2.5 miles. I did finish in 30 minutes, so I guess that's right on target with the 60 minute 5 miles. As I was cooling down, I felt a twinge in my left lower thigh area. I'm thinking hamstring? Not sure. I'm gonna stretch and ice. Hopefully it feels better by Monday's run (hopefully all kids and myself will be healthy!) which is going to be 5 miles.

As for today, I:
warmed up for one song @3.7
ran for 8 songs @5.2-5.5
cooled down to one song @3.5

then I went on the stepper machine for 16 minutes. Did the 5 program(glutes) at a level 7. Got 1.5 miles in that way.

this is by far my favorite elliptical machine. It's older, but is really awesome for getting rid of the flabby flab hanging onto your hips.

After my workout, I went to BB and bought myself a new iphone armband for the upcoming Frosty 5k. It's a rocketfish and was onsale and is soooooo much better than the cheapo I got off Ebay last year!

Tomorrow, Abbi has a gymnastics meet at Illinois Wesleyan University down in Bloomington, IL. No work out for me- just walking and sitting and cheering. And takin pics!!

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