Monday, January 2, 2012

Gonna feel that in the morning

ran 5 miles today! Time was 61:34
I warmed up to 1 song at 3.7 mph,
ran 9 songs at 5.1 mph,
walked 1 song at 3.6,
ran 2 songs between 5.2 and 5.5
walked 1 song at 3.6
ran 2 songs between 5.5-6.2
then cooled down 1 song at 3.2.

I think my total mileage was 5.20 because I walked a bit more for my cool down. During my last run, 5.5-6.2, my right knee started hurting. Was it because I was speeding up or is it because I need new shoes? I know I'm due for new shoes pretty soon. I'm looking at the Kayano's again. Maybe the 18's? Definitely the 17's. Just depends on the cashish I have in hand.
Over all, the run was good. I kept pushing myself. Telling me that I can do it and then picturing the drunk mom in the movie Varsity Blues yelling, "You can do it!" I giggled a little. I'm in the process of downloading the Hunger Games Trilogy onto my Kindle. Audio version. I'm gonna listen to the books and run. Again and again and again. Woo hoo!

I missed the gym. Wasn't there all of December. It was packed!!!! I'll be happier to not have to wait for a treadmill come February. ;-)

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