Thursday, February 17, 2011

Date change!!!

Well, I was set out to run the Chicago half Marathon on June 4th of this year. Turns out there's two Chicago 1/2 marathons. The 1/2 on June 4th is not the race I thought it was. Dumb. The Chicago 1/2 marathon I want to run is August 14th! This is the race that I will be running. I guess it's good, gives me a little more time to train, but it's also bad, it's a lot hotter here in August! I do not like being hot.

The race on August 14th is the popular Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half . This looks like a good time! I'm a little relieved to have more time to train...I need it!  It also gives me more time to convince Ken to get a hotel room race weekend!! Race starts at 6:30 am. That's waaaay early. If I were to drive to the race, I'd have to leave by 4:30 to find fun. A little weekend in Chicago sounds very fun in my book right about now~

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