Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gym or couch?

That was the question I was asking this morning. Guess who won?? Yep, the gym!! A few years ago the couch woulda won-not today and if you look at my ticker, you'll see I'm almost to my June goal! It's only 45 miles, but!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Yesterday I ran 5 miles and felt like I could run 5 more. I was too worried about dinner and picking up Drew from his friends house tho, so I stopped at 5. Today I just ran 3.1, again I felt great-woulda ran longer but again was worried about Drew at his friends and I had to make sure I was home in time to meet Abbi after gymnastics.

Both yesterday and today, I was FREEZING after my run. I sat in the sauna and shivered, I had actual goose bumps! What is up with that? I'm usually hotter than hot but not yesterday or today. Is there something wrong with me? Scary! The sauna temp was 180* and I had goosebumps. That does not seem normal to me.

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