Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a waste of a month!

Whew!! May was super crazy busy! between sick kids, birthday's, mom's day and parties I put in 2 runs. Just 2 runs!! My ass does not thank me for this. gross! Buuuuuut (no pun) June is a new month and I am for sure back into the groove! Ran yesterday at the gym and while it wasn't pretty, I did manage to choke out 3 miles in 30.02. I'd like to speed it up a bit- so I think I'll work on that once I get the cobwebs really off the Asics.
There's a few races I'd like to run this month too. The Race to the Taste is the 26th this year. I'd love to run it with Ken, but we'd need a sitter for the kids..... The Old Canal Days race is June 18th. It's close to home so totally doable, but will I be ready by then? That's 16 days away. This course has hills too....can I do this? Yes I can! I'll be signing up (if it's not too late) by the end of today. I really really really want to run Rock n Roll 1/2 August 14th. I haven't found my courage for that one tho. There is still time. I can still train. Maybe just maybe that'll be my first 1/2

OK big kids are off to school and the kitchen is all cleaned up. The laundry is going to wait-the little girls and I are off to the gym!

Happy running!

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