Monday, June 6, 2011

No Bueno

Due to extremely busy schedules, I'll be missing the gym today and tomorrow- unless I hit it at midnight after work. I'm a little crabby. I think it's because I need to get some "me" time.
I ran a mile yesterday at the gym then grocery shopped all afternoon. I hate grocery shopping. It takes me a good 2+ hours to get it all in. I wish I was an extreme coupon-er too. I spent a little over $170 for the week and it was for lunches, snacks and 3 nights of dinners. DISGUSTING!
I came across a coupon for $1 off band aids at Target today. Target has band aids on sale for 84 cents, so I'd make money-but I don't need anything else from Target so I'd end up spending more money in gas and other crap I don't need just to buy band aids... AGGRAVATING!

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