Monday, February 14, 2011

Running is like a box of chocolates...

a box of chocolate Pictures, Images and Photos You never know what you're gonna get. Hard run, easy run, mediocre run, boring run, fun run, loooooong run. Yesterday it was 40* here in Chicago land. That's flip flop weather! I got home from church, put on my shoes and set out to run outside. My first outside run in a while. I learned a few things on this run.
  1. Wind- it can be your friend or your foe. Running against it is hard. Running with it is easy! I like running with the wind, it pushes me ever so gently. :)
  2. Hills- hills suck. the end.
  3. My new shoes rock! No pain during my run made it so much  more enjoyable.
  4. My fitbit is my new best friend. More on this little gadget to come. I love this thing and will never stop wearing it.
  5. This blog is pretty much what I thought of while running. What will I say next? When will I get a chance to update? Will anyone let me try out there gadgets?? please?
  6. Speaking of gadgets- I need sunglasses. Where does one go to get running sunglasses??
  7. Back to those hills, I need to get outside more if I plan on finishing the Bunny Rock in April. those puppies were tough yesterday!
I ran 3 miles and didn't die! The first 10 minutes in I wanted to give up-but I didn't and I am happy that I just kept going. I passed my house at the halfway point and I said I could stop, but I didn't, I knew I would be angry with myself if I didn't keep going-so I did just that. I kept going. I thought of my friend, Mary, who had just said she had  her best run ever. She ran 9 miles. All at once! Wow!!  is all I thought, I cannot wait til I can say I ran 9 miles. She really kept me going. Thanks Mary!

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  1. Good for you! The first mile is always the hardest for me - after my muscle warms up and I forget what I am doing, then I am good. DH tells me to run the first mile fast then I get through the hump quickly. LOL.

    Is the Chicago 1/2 Marathon also combined with the full Marathon?

    Btw, just saw your comments. Go to and you can manually add a blog to follow.