Thursday, March 3, 2011

March check in...

So, today is March 3rd. YAY!! Almost spring time!!! You know running season is upon us when all of the treadmills are in use at the gym. All the runners out there are getting themselves ready for outdoor running and races. Myself included! As you know, I set a 45 mile goal for this month. So far, I've got 4.5 miles in. Today was a cross training day for me. I wish it was a running day tho. I ran a mile today and it felt a w e s o m e. I felt as if I could've run that 1/2 marathon no problem. Why is that??? I struggle with some runs but other runs, such as today's easy run,  was just that-easy. I even sped it up some! I sure do hope it comes easy for me tomorrow....I wanna run!!

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